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MajorKey Approach

Achieve your business outcomes with a partner that guides you through the complexity of today's hybrid enterprises

30% of our business comes from rescuing clients from failing projects. Why do our clients succeed when others fail? 

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Challenges in a Hybrid Enterprise 

Cloud and digital transformation

Cloud and Digital Transformation

For when securing the cloud needs a new approach, cloud architected and cloud delivered. 

Ever-changing compliance initiatives

Ever-changing compliance initiatives

Includes SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR controls, NIST, CIS, CSA, CMMC standards and Cybersecurity frameworks.

Higher ROI and lower TCO

Higher ROI & lower TCO

Consolidation of solutions tightly integrated and loosely coupled.

Resourcing at the speed of business

Resourcing at the speed of business

An increase in shared responsibilities to secure the enterprise and shift left.

Growing threat landscape

Growing threat landscape

Includes insider, external, bots and third-party identities. The need for Zero Trust V2 and Zero Login.

We focus on delivering security solutions without impeding productivity

MajorKey has spent 25 years learning and documenting how to make clients happy. 

Our agile methodology emphasizes advising and communicating often, ensuring that implementations are aligned with business goals and continue to move forward without untimely setbacks. 

We help you articulate value by demonstrating wins to your leadership team quickly, reducing  total cost of ownership (TCO), and improving ROI through ease of deployment and a better user experience.

Protect the business from threats, non-compliance, and costly fees.

Improve user experience and provide the right access for users to get the services, applications, and data they need.

Manage identities more efficiently through automation and governance.

What we're really good at...

Operational Efficiency

  • Manage human and silicon identities
  • Integrate identity lifecycle management into processes 
  • Cost optimization
  • Increase business agility

Business Enablement and Modernization

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Secure remote work
  • Improve customer identity analytics
  • Create new digital products or services

Enhanced User Experience

  • Better manage end user access privileges
  • Enhance onboarding/deboarding process
  • Curb problematic password issues
  • Grow customer base securely

Managed Security and Compliance

  • Respond to new competitive threats
  • Manage compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Comply with new laws and regulatory requirements

But let's get more specific!

To benefit from such a seamless identity security program, you need to be able to do four things really well, using agile practices:


Identity & Access Management: So your employees, partners, and customers access the data and systems they need, when they need it from anywhere.


Multi-cloud Governance and Security Automation: So IT can implement policies for accounts, security, costs, and compliance across environments without impeding self-service.


Data Security & Governance: So lines of business can govern which users have access to different services at scale without exposing sensitive data.


Application Deployment and Security: So data can flow between the distributed systems being used by different lines of business securely and within compliance and audit controls.

While everyone else is implementing technology solutions, we integrate technology into your business processes.

The hard part is figuring out how to harmonize people with process and process with the right technology. The good news is that it's hard but far from impossible with the right alignment and expectations. 

Organizations are already invested in numerous security controls that need to be monitored and maintained.

We work with you to avoid adding complexity that will make operations lengthier and more expensive and instead focus on business continuity, building operating efficiencies, and mitigating business risks.

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