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Our story

Here’s a high-level view of MajorKey: who we are,  what we do—and why we do it.

Who we are

We're MajorKey, a creative and committed team of over 150 problem-solvers. We're very pleased to meet you!

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to create harmony between what stakeholders demand and what their technology can deliver.

In business for over 25 years, our support gives clients:

Stability through secure and well-governed platforms.

Agility that enables users to adapt and  innovate.

Freedom to explore and exploit new opportunities.

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What we do

MajorKey offers advisory, integration, and managed services tailored for security leaders looking to modernize identity, app, data, and cloud services.

We don’t just fix problems – we transform them into opportunities for growth, security, and operational efficiency, enhancing your overall cyber security posture and preparing you for future challenges, ensuring a harmonious balance between robust security and user convenience.

To thrive in a world of highly distributed colleagues and customers, the whole business needs to work as one agile and harmonious unit. Our services are designed to integrate technology solutions into an enterprise-wide operating system:

Developing digital security strategies that clarify what clients need to do to realize their vision.

Providing Advsiory Services to connect business goals with  modernization and ensuring compatibility with a roadmap to specific outcomes.

Using the cloud intelligently to drive innovation, reduce cost and accelerate transformation.

Managing identities to secure systems and strengthen governance without slowing down business.

Securing DevOps and collaborative practices to enhance agility and accelerate delivery.

Delivering high quality Managed Services, liberating clients to focus on what's really important.

We are experienced with a diverse range of technologies and are exceptionally good at helping enterprises develop, adapt and harmonize identity security technologies to realize the full benefits of cloud-enabled, digital transformation.

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Our goal is to deliver pragmatic innovations that provide you the stability, agility and freedom you need to deliver exceptional experiences.

We offer strategic and operational expertise across a focused range of services, including:


Enterprise Service Management

Cloud Governance

Identity Governance

Software Lifecycle Management

Technology Operations Management

We combine these capabilities to provide technology strategy, solution design and day-to-day operations under one roof.

That way, we’re able to align strategy with execution, and remain accountable for the quality of our work.

For us, this accountability is the critical factor that underpins the trusted, long term relationships we have with our clients. 


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Our history

What we stand for

Since our founding in 1998 as Column Technologies, MajorKey has changed names and introduced multiple new IT practices along the way. Our shift to an information security-focused consultancy is a direct result of the demands of the market and our client needs. As a consultancy, our unique history means many of our people understand multiple environments and technologies and how they will impact your business – beyond the obvious, saving our client’s time, money, and frustration. Our agility has enabled us to hold one thing steady. We put our clients first. Our 96% retention rate and long-term managed services are proof of our dedication to the success and happiness of our clients.

Through the changes, our underlying mission has never budged – Delivering value to our clients through the framework of our five core values.

Core Values

Manage Access and Permissions


We believe in creating opportunities for people - it's at the heart of what we do.

Manage Access and Permissions


We believe in creating opportunities for people - it's at the heart of what we do.

Manage Access and Permissions

Corporate Responsibility

We believe that having a local, positive impact in our communities and environment is our responsibility.

Manage Access and Permissions


We believe our strength of character is as important as the work we do.

Manage Access and Permissions

Passionate Excellence

We believe in continuous evaluation and improvement to provide excellent results.

What's in a name?

Why we're different

Technology promises to make your business work better: enhancing experiences, connecting people, accelerating innovation, driving growth and keeping your data secure.

With 25 years of customer-centric experience, we’ve honed our ability to integrate identity services with a deeper understanding of business processes, existing technologies, and leadership goals.

As trusted advisors, we listen intently to your business challenges and respond by meeting client requirements, ensuring success where others have failed.

We help enterprises play the right notes. By creating a harmonized identity solution for your whole enterprise. 

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Our approach

Bringing harmony to your people, processes, and technology.

We apply creativity, capability and commitment to solve our clients’ most complex problems with the least fuss. By combining strategy with design and operational support we stay accountable for the quality of our work and the outcomes it delivers.

Our focus is making the most of your existing technology and connecting the best platforms and the best applications to address your most urgent needs, sustainably.

And we connect compatible tools, platforms and processes to build high-performance information security programs.

That's what leads to fast, measurable and lasting results for their organizations.

 Client Stories

Our partners

We’re supported in our work by a diverse community of innovative technology partners.

We choose to work with them not only for their great products, but also because they share a mission with us: to design solutions that are fit for purpose—and for growth.

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Reach out for a conversation about how we can make your technology work in concert to deliver better experiences for your people and your customers.