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Application Deployment and Security

Achieve end to end application and security risk management

Facilitate risk management across business critical applications with minimal disruption to end users

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Secure your business critical applications, adhere to audit controls, manage SoD violations, and minimize financial risk.

As organizations look to mitigate risk and adhere to audit and compliance controls, they must bring their identity context of the entire business into governance without making users jump through hoops to get access to the applications and data critical to their needs.

We provide advisory, integration, and managed services to support a more effective risk posture.

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We mitigate your risk and help you satisfy audit and compliance controls  

Reduce the likelihood and impact of risk events, improve compliance, and provide more tolerable risk treatments.

Eliminate false positives

Eliminate False Positives

Separation of duties management (SoD) gives users what they need when then need it so they can take immediate action.

Uncover unknown risk

Uncover Unknown Risk

Compliance questionnaires and control assessments help uncover gaps in your risk management for GDPR, PII, and customers.

Improve bottom line

Improve Bottom LIne

Facilitate continuous process improvements, identify risk indictors, and improve process flows and efficiencies to make more informed decisions.

Mitigate bad actors

Mitigate Bad Actors

End users will unknowingly put the organization at risk. Consistent security awareness training mitigates exploitation.

Secure critical systems

Secure Critical Systems

Ensure critical systems are configured and patched correctly and the correct permissions are given to users for Channel 1 audit controls.

Learn how we ensured compliance controls were passed for <insert client name>'s by reducing excessive privilege access.

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Why organizations choose MajorKey

MajorKey has deep expertise securing business critical applications, including SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Workday.

Our team of information security experts helps organizations gain visibility into sensitive and privileged access, adhere to compliance and audit controls, manage and mitigate SoD violations, and reduce financial risk.

Eliminate false positives

Advisory Services

Our Identity Management advisory services help enterprises secure digital transformation efforts.

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Eliminate false positives

Integration Services

Our Identity Management integration services help enterprises onboard and integrate solutions.

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Eliminate false positives

Managed Services

Our Identity Management managed services help enterprises increase the value of Identity Mangement solutions.

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Unlike other firms that have siloed teams, we bring the identity context into your GRC within the same service, aligning your governance and risk mitigation with the entirety of your security program.


MajorKey works with solution providers to design, integrate, and manage identity solutions including: 

ERP security

ERP Security

Seperation of Duties management

Separation of Duties Management (SoD)

Violations and fraud management

Violations and Fraud Management

We take an agnostic approach to solving your application deployment and security needs by leveraging best of breed solutions from these technology providers:

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