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Managed Services

With our team on your team, you can be sure your technology is working in concert, from day-to-day, year after year.

Operational efficiency has a direct effect on risk, and even organizations with the best security products are not secure if they do not manage those products well.

It’s difficult and more expensive than ever to find and keep the right employees for the job you need.​

Leadership is looking for optimization of current solutions to reduce costs.​

Too much time is spent solving technology issues.​

And not enough time is left to focus on strategy – customer and employee experience.

Whether you’re looking for help for your existing IT support team, or want to outsource your IT support entirely, you’re in safe hands with our Managed Services team.

MajorKey Managed Services

With over 10 years’ experience in providing Managed Services, our team can be trusted to keep your environments stable and your apps optimal at all times.

And that gives you the peace of mind to let your internal IT resources focus on growing your business—a process which our team can also support, developing and upgrading your applications to make them fit for purpose.

Dedicated Team

Our managed services team is structured to work across a variety of Information Security technologies and verticals giving customers multi-certified engineers with loads of experience.​

Proactive in Nature​

The Managed Services team monitors your systems remotely and often is working on an issue before you know it is there.

Hands-on Engagement

Our team takes “support” to the next level by actually implementing and testing fixes, instead of only making recommendations for a customer team to implement.

Cost Justification​

Our Managed Services annual fee is usually equivalent to or less than hiring a full-time administrator. Plus, our clients receive administration and support from a team of SMEs.

Thought Leadership​

Our Managed Services clients leverage our expertise for best practice advice and thought leadership about the technologies deployed in their environment.


Our SailPoint team is comprised of senior engineers that can quickly diagnose issues and accomplish tasks/requests.  Our team also has direct access to SailPoint for support escalations or product defects.

Technologies we support

Our team is experienced with a wide range of leading enterprise technologies and applications. So many in fact that we can't list them all here. Here are just some of those we have deep expertise in.

Why us?

Across the globe and around-the-clock. Our global resources mean that we’re able to support your business 24/7/365, regardless of your location.

We make sure our team’s the "A team." Our engineers are skilled and certified professionals, with an average tenure of 6+ years in Managed Services, and years of field experience on top of that.

Proactive support to stay ahead of the curve. We monitor product issues and new releases to proactively support your applications as we move forward together.

We help you run your services, with day-to-day…

Application Administration

Application Health Check

Application Maintenance

User Data Administration

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support

Team Meetings

Performance Monitoring*

*By the way, we’ve integrated alerts into our support ticketing system. That means that whenever we receive an alert you’ll be notified about it straight away.

And we help you grow your services with enhancements such as:

Advisory Services and Digital Strategy

Application and System Enhancements

Application Development

Application Workflow and Process Optimization

Integration Configuration

System upgrades

Pick the service that suits you…

If you already have an in-house administrator or need backlog assistance…

Tactical Managed Services

This service provides on-demand senior level knowledge and experience with supported applications and development work.

You’ll get access to your own assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM): a named technical lead backed by a supporting team.

We pair your business with a TAM according to your region—we guarantee you’ll never be dealing with somebody offshore, or someone that doesn’t know your business.

If you don’t have an in-house administrator, or your administrator needs the help of additional staff...

Operational Managed Services

This service gives you a team of experts that you can use as you would an FTE, with no cause for concern about running out of allotted time, and no risk of wasting time and money on unqualified resources or dealing with staff turnover.

The only time-tracked service is development and enhancement hours, which have a quarterly limit (what you don’t use is carried over).

Get in touch

If you’d like to speak to our team about providing Managed Services—or any other services—to your business, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you ASAP.