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Featured Articles

The latest articles from MajorKey Solution Advisors covering Identity & Access Management, Application Deployment & Security, Data Security & Governance, and Cloud Security.

Why Identity is the Foundation

Published in: CISO Mag

With zero trust methodology that starts with identity in mind, users get the minimal access they need and no more..

The Rise of APIs and Risks of API Security

Published in: Security Boulevard

Without the proper security standards in place, APIs can open the door for people who want to steal and misuse your data. 

Mission Zero Trust is Not Impossible

Published in: Enterprise Security Tech Blog

It’s an iconic movie scene: Tom Cruise dangles on a rope lowered from a vent 30 feet above the floor. 

4 Stages of a Zero Trust Self-Assessment

Published in: Security Magazine

You want to begin implementing zero trust security at your organization, but where do you start?

Zero Trust as Foundation of API Security

Published in: Security Magazine

APIs can create weak points without a zero trust foundation. 

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