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Advisory Services

Unlock your full potential with our agnostic security solution advisors

We help security leaders embrace new principles and operate within a flexible, composable, and smarter identity fabric so they can achieve the outcomes the your business is looking for.

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How do you modernize your existing investments while keeping identity at the core of your digital transformation program?

Variables like remote work, compliance changes, third-party technologies, and non-human identities further complicate an already dynamic threat environment as it outpaces IAM capabilities and leaves you vulnerable to insider threats and stolen data.

We help companies at all stages of their maturity to secure access for digital identities while driving agility and innovation needed to optimize operations, improve the user experience, and speed up time to market.

Where are you in your identity journey?

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Drivers and Challenges of your Identity Program 

Identity security business drivers and challenges


  • Meet ever-changing Regulatory & Compliance Controls – SOC, CMMC, CIS, GDPR
  • Lower Cyber Insurance premiums
  • Maintain balance between Security & Business Agility
  • Consolidate and lower total cost of ownership
  • Limit risk exposure to emerging threats
  • Manage expanding identity framework (employees, partners, consumers, and API identities)
  • Secure Digital Transformation to the Cloud
  • Align business strategy with long-term technology roadmap

Identity security technology drivers and challenges


  • Visibility and governance of identities
  • Implement Zero-Standing Privilege for the Hybrid Enterprises (IaaS,SaaS,PaaS,On-Premise)
  • Limit Account sprawl with Role-based and Just-In-Time access
  • Understand gaps amongst current security technologies deployed on-premise and in the cloud
  • Reduce TCO with agentless architecture
  • Bring-Your-Own Vault

The volume, velocity, and variety of digital identities to manage is rising exponentially

Our Advisory Services are aimed to safeguard your systems, identities, data, and applications, future proofing for threats and scale to meet your objectives and engaging in services from a broad portfolio to optimize the digital experience.

Organizations are already invested in numerous security controls that need to be monitored and maintained. We work with you to avoid adding complexity that will make operations lengthier and more expensive and instead focus on business continuity, building operating efficiencies, and mitigating business risks.

Why organizations choose MajorKey

There are a lot of different ways to solve your identity needs which also means a lot of uncertainty on knowing what’s best for you. Our advisors understand that without correctly positioning your people and process with technology, you’re likely to be one of the 70% of identity-focused initiatives that fall short of their goals.

We rescue 30% 

of our new clients from failed identity initiatives


25 Years

of learning how to make clients happy and delivering quality identity programs

Subject Matter Experts

focused on the ever-changing threat and compliance landscape

As information security consultants who take an identity-first approach, our Advisors have completed 100s of implementations, certification hours, and architectural work. We focus on future proofing security programs and improve cybersecurity posture while exploring opportunities for convergence of your current environment.


No matter where you are in your identity maturity, our advisors help you establish a successful program with expert oversight of your environment, goals, and integration initiatives.

People, Process & Technology Assessment

IAM Modernization Strategy

Audit and Compliance

Zero Trust Strategy

Roadmap & Stakeholder Alignment

Solution and Vendor Evaluation or Consolidation

GRC and Risk Assessment

Cloud Security Strategy

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