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Data Security & Governance

Empower employees to leverage data and reach their full potential

How are you managing the entire lifecycle of your organizations data? 

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Protecting against theft and data loss means protecting your Intellectual Property

Organizations with a clear framework and effective processes must leverage the right tools to manage their data policy compliance needs across an enterprise.

MajorKey provides advisory, integration, and managed services for data security and governance to ensure your program collects, maintains, uses, and disseminates data in a way that meets your integrity and security needs.

Best practices for building your data governance program.

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A data governance program involves a framework for enforcing policies, an effective process for control, and the right tools to manage compliance.

We help ensure information is collected, maintained, used, and disseminated in a way that meets your organization's data integrity and security needs while empowering your employees.

Manage Access and Permissions

Manage Access & Permissions

In an ever-expanding cloud landscape, ensure people have the right access to the right data.

Meet GDPR Controls

Meet GDPR Controls

Comply with data protection laws and regulations including CPRA and the Shield Act.

Protect Personal Data

Protect Personal Data

Encrypt sensitive data and meet government and industry specific compliance.

Assign Data Risk and Ownership

Assign Data Risk & Ownership

Classifying your data reduces risk and exposure during organizational change.

Prevent Data Loss

Prevent Data Loss

Protect your data in real-time while in transit and at rest.

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Why organizations choose MajorKey

Protecting your company and cusotmer data should be considered with the utmost importance. MajorKey helps you secure a data governance program across the enterprise and can evaluate the best technologies fit for your needs. 

Eliminate false positives

Advisory Services

Our Identity Management advisory services help enterprises secure digital transformation efforts.

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Eliminate false positives

Integration Services

Our Identity Management integration services help enterprises onboard and integrate solutions.

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Eliminate false positives

Managed Services

Our Identity Management managed services help enterprises increase the value of Identity Mangement solutions.

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MajorKey advises, integrates, and manages data governance programs that mitigate data loss and maximizes data use within an organization.


We help organizations govern data across lines of business at scale, so users have access to different services without exposing sensitive data and without impeding self-service needs.

Privacy and Consent Management

Privacy & Consent Management



Data Migration and Classification

Data Migration & Classification

We take an agnostic approach to solving your data security and governance needs by leveraging best of breed solutions from these technology providers:

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