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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

A governance model for Identity Security and Access Management

Give everyone the access they need, under governance, to secure your applications, data, and other resources.

Did you know that 70% of identity security programs fail? 

But it's not totally your fault. Automated access takes a considerable amount of understanding every department in your business and how individuals operate day-to-day. It seems impossible without an experienced team that can advise you on your identity security program.

Your users need quick, easy and appropriate access to services, applications and data to be productive.

But without proper oversight, you’re vulnerable to attack and non-compliance.

Your users shouldn’t have to twiddle their thumbs waiting for access to be granted, and they shouldn’t have to remember every role, entitlement, and application permission required to do their work.

Your IT team is probably spending too much time provisioning access for the multitude of users in your organization to a myriad of applications and resources.

And everything should be getting logged for compliance and audit purposes—but manually logging takes still more time out of the day.

This is where a partner with identity governance and access management expertise comes in. Find a team that will advise, design, and deliver an ongoing program that benefits end-users and security across the entirety of your enterprise.

MajorKey Guide

Business-Driven Identity and Access Management

A Buyer's Guide on How to Ensure a Successful Outcome of Your IAM Program

Published July 2022

Access Guide

How we do it

A modern, agile governance model for Identity Security

Our Identity Access Management approach empowers you to give your users the access they need at the speed they need it, protecting your data and maintaining compliance without impeding productivity.

In designing our solutions, we focus on delivering the business outcomes that are most important to you, from securing your remote workforce, to delivering exceptional customer experiences. We partner with the world's leading Identity Security technology providers and ensure that you benefit from the latest innovations that integrate with your existing systems.

Protect your data, wherever it is

Give every user—from contractors and partners to employees and customers—a secure identity in your organization, and enable them to securely access the tools, applications and information they need, wherever they are, with multi-factor authentication to make remote work safe.

Pass your audits with flying colors

With comprehensive, consistent application of security, audit and access policies, classification of sensitive data, and all assignments, approvals, changes and removals immutably logged, you can feel confident going into every audit.

Speed up work for everyone (including IT)

Users can log in to every app they need via single sign-on and self-serve for access requests and password management. That means quicker access, no need to memorize multiple passwords, and less admin for IT (who have better things to do).

Deliver the CX your customers expect

Eliminate the sign-up and log-in issues that drive customers into the arms of your competitors, and deliver the digital experience they expect—frictionless, personalized and powerful—without compromising security one bit.

Secure and simplify transformation

Consolidating and centralizing identities makes it safer and easier for your organization to evolve and grow. Identity Access Management makes it easier to collaborate with your growing ecosystem of partners, and—in the event of M&A—to merge with other cultures, products and technologies.

Policies updated and enforced by AI

With the help of machine learning and AI, your access policies can be automated to adapt to changes in your business in real-time. The AI can enforce them, too - safely granting and denying access without human intervention (which is more great news for your helpdesk!).

Staff Augmentation Services

Struggling to fill headcount and scale?

Need help with an Identity Security project?

Our IT staff augmentation services provide you with deeply experienced technical consultants that are hard to find and even more difficult to staff and keep full-time. 

Why work with MajorKey?

We’ve worked with hundreds of enterprises to plan, design and implement new ways of working that align the goals of every line of business.

We know that Identity and Access Management is a vital component of the operating system modern enterprises need to start working together as one agile—and secure—unit.

We call this system Enterprise Ops. Find out if it’s what your business really needs.

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Our Success

Major national bank – automation and accountability

Our client, a major national bank, operates as a highly regulated business which also prides itself on its service and support.

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Major national bank – automation and accountability

The right employees needed to have access to the right services to ensure compliance and productivity.

Global restaurant group – identity governance in the cloud

We were chosen to partner with the business as it upgraded incrementally to a fully-supported version of SailPoint which could work effectively in the Azure cloud environment.

Global restaurant group – identity governance in the cloud

Our client, one of the world’s largest restaurant groups, is famous for the consistency of its products and its legendary customer experience standards.

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