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Cloud Adoption Services

Manage your growth in the cloud with a security-first approach that’s user-friendly, scalable and measurable.

Cloud is the fastest-growing area of IT spend. The stakes are high for decision makers to invest wisely.

Our security-first approach to cloud adoption is designed to ensure you take a phased, transparent path to scaling in the cloud that’s pragmatic, cost-effective and user-friendly, keeping you in control of your cloud environment as it grows.

Take a financially traceable path to the cloud.

Setting up a phased migration and expansion plan that ensures return on investment at every stage, grounded in a clearly defined cloud provisioning strategy, and focused on enhancing application performance.

Build a security-first foundation for your whole enterprise.

Applying a centralized and automated approach to cloud account management, making risk easier to identify and manage so you can empower users with the self-service experience they want while keeping them secure and compliant with the rules you set, no matter where they are.

Exploit the full power of the cloud.

Leveraging our onshore and nearshore DevOps expertise to help you build custom apps, showing what’s possible with out-of-the-box technologies to drive innovation, accelerate transformation and deliver the experiences your customer’s demand.

A 4-stage security-first approach to cloud management

We’ve helped customers across dozens of heavily regulated enterprises and government agencies adopt cloud in ways their users love while keeping them in control.



We work with you to identify and clarify your enterprise cloud strategy, establish your security model, and build out your solution architecture.



We rapidly deploy your security and governance guardrails, cloud architecture patterns and set up cloud network connectivity.



We accelerate your cloud migrations based on cloud-native architectures that deliver you the most value.



Deploy applications and workflow to cloud-native solutions and set you up with self-service capabilities that scale across your cloud environment.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Professional Services – Engage our cloud team to support you with development, architecture, deployment and support services on AWS and Azure platforms.

Advisory Services – We can help you shape, develop and adapt your cloud strategy, addressing the vital combination of organizational change, people and process that is key to effective cloud operation.

Security and Security Automation – We’re experienced in developing and implementing policies, applications and controls to protect your IP, data, applications and services.

Cloud Migration and Modernization – Create an efficient path to cloud expansion with our data and application migration process design and management services.

Custom Application Development – Our custom application development services will help you accelerate your business-critical initiatives in the cloud.

Managed CloudWith our managed cloud service, we remove the hassle of managing your cloud environment, give you the visibility and control you need, and prime your cloud resources to drive the collaboration and innovation your user's demand.


Let’s talk about how we can make our security-first approach to cloud work for you.

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