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It's time to embrace the boring


Alex Gambill | January 10, 2024  I  3 min read

It's Time to Embrace the Boring in Your Foundational Technology

If this post had a voice, it would be that of Colin Robinson (IYKYK) or Ben Stein for all the seasoned professionals.

It’s time to embrace boring. Too often I witness software companies roll out new shiny toys to catch everyone’s eye, but most organizations aren’t ready for that kind of excitement. That double black diamond trail sure looks fun, but we all know starting there will likely ruin your day. The smart move is the one that isn’t flashy... it’s bunny hill time, boys and girls.

I’d also like to remind my fellow technology gurus of the importance of building a strong foundation. We hear about this a lot in my favorite sport – college football (Go Dawgs!). Before the boys in Athens can start working on fancy offensive schemes and exotic blitz packages, they have to master the basics – blocking and tackling. There are no ifs or buts about it, and Coach Smart will tell you the same thing.

All of those blocking and tackling drills may be boring, and let’s be honest - a little bit monotonous , but the season’s success is predicated on creating that strong foundation. Without it, there can be no flea flickers or safety blitzes.

It's time to embrace the boring.

When it comes to technology, the foundational underpinnings of identity security, application security, cloud security, and GRC programs dictate the success of most organization’s ability to meet regulatory and risk mitigation requirements.

If we can be honest with one another for just a second, most of you know there are cracks - and possibly gaps - in the foundation right now. A good…no, GREAT question you should ask now is “Alex, how can you help?”. Fantastic question, thanks!

The good news is we do boring really well. We absolutely rock boring - at least to the extent that boring can be rocked. Boring is our love language.

Give us a call. Let’s struggle to not fall asleep while we take the underwhelming journey towards fixing those foundational gaps and cracks and setting you up for long-term success. It won’t be an exciting ride, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results – and more importantly, so will your auditors. Best of all, no one will break any bones and we make it easy on you.

Let’s embrace the boring together.

Alex Gambill, Director, Application Security & GRC


Alex Gambill, Director, Application Security & GRC Advisory

With more than 14 years of experience in the identity, application security, and controls space, Alex has helped numerous Global 2000 and Fortune 500 organizations develop and deliver their enterprise application security, access controls, and identity initiatives to support governance, risk, and compliance frameworks.  

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