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National children’s hospital – Strengthening security step-by-step

As part of an important national children’s hospital, our client must handle confidential data with complete security. This depends upon effective Identity Governance for their thousands of employees.

Our client's in-house technology team called upon our experience to help them determine which identity management approach to invest in, and how best to implement the technology with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.

Having spent time getting to know the team and truly understanding their needs, we advised on the deployment of Okta as the most effective way to enable cloud-based single-sign on, thus reducing the threat of data breaches, and freeing-up the help desk from dealing with countless password-reset requests.

Single-sign on and enhanced Identity Governance is just one step in their technology transformation journey.

In Conclusion

With our hands-on guidance and support, our client now has more confidence in their ability to manage data securely and are seeing notable improvements in employee productivity. With the continued support of MajorKey's capable and committed team, they are discovering that technology can deliver value anywhere and everywhere.

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Our success

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