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Success Story

Guiding a Global Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Through Identity and Application Governance Modernization

Services: Advisory & Implementation
Solution: FastPath (since acquired by Delinea)

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Heavy Equipment

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$5 billion+

The Situation

Our client needed to meet SOX compliance requirements, but lacked critical controls within Oracle.

The client, a publicly-listed heavy equipment manufacturer, engaged MajorKey to provide services around a new identity and application access control solution they selected for Oracle EBS. After engaging MajorKey, the client was informed the platform they had originally selected wasn't able to fully address their requirements and asked MajorKey to advise on a suitable replacement for IGA and Application Governance. 

The Business Impact

A lack of IGA and Application Governance created significant internal efficiencies while also preventing SOX compliance.

Between general access control inefficiencies and difficulty meeting SOX 404 controls, our client wad facing multiple significant issues around Oracle, including:

  • Fully manual access control resulting in Seperation of Duty violations as employees were accidentally being granted improper access.
  • Lengthy access review processes preventing the company from meeting SOX 404 controls. 
  • Unable to lower cyber insurance premiums due to poor application governance practices.

In summary, the client needed getting to a point where they could meeting SOX requirements without hampering their business processes.

The Solution

The MajorKey team fast-tracked the new vendor selection and implementation process to modernize the client's identity and application governance program.

The client had to move fast after the original vendor didn't pan out. The MajorKey team lead them through a fast-tracked vendor analysis, ultimately settling on FastPath (since acquired by Delinea).

After a successful implementation, our client was able to enjoy the following results:

  • Least privilege was now enabled within Oracle
  • Zero day starts, leading to greater productivity from day one
  • Automated Seperation of Duty evaluations

The MajorKey Approach

Our unique approach gave our client the confidence they needed.

Our approach is encompassed by the following values:

  • Process-focused, not tool-focused. We are a vendor-agnostic provider. In other words, when working with clients we focus on business processes and outcomes rather than pushing a specific tool.
  • Structured project management. We rarely miss deadlines and always stay under budget.
  • Organizational change management. We dedicate significant time to helping the organization work through new policies and procedures associated with a migration. This includes end user training by roles and responsibilities, assistance with sponsorship adoption and roll out procedures, communication templates for deployment, and more.
  • Agile development style. Our developers seek client feedback early and often throughout the life of a project to ensure client satisfaction after deployment.
  • User acceptance training. We have a highly structured, clearly defined process for making sure the tool is driving value for the business users. This reduces post-live issues and encourages tool utilization after deployment.
  • Post-live and managed services. We provide 24x7 on-call support for the most critical issues that may arise following a deployment.

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