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Success Story

Stone and Tile Retailer Updates Seperation of Duty Rulesets to Maintain SOX Compliance

Services: Integration
Solution: FastPath (Since Acquired by Delinea)

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$380 million

The Situation

Our client lacked the internal expertise to update FastPath to reflect business and process changes.

As a publicly traded company, our client was obligated to maintain SOX (Sarbenes-Oxley) compliance. The organization had already implemented FastPath, (acquired by Delinea), but were struggling to achieve maximum value from the tool after making changes to their internal business processes. Due to these changes, there were multiple configuration updates that the client was struggling to implement, including updates to the SoD rulebook, pre-defined mitigation controls, security roles, and access certifications. 

In order to maintain compliance, the retailer understood they needed to make updates, but lacked the internal expertise to do so. FastPath does not offer this type of service, so they sought out a partner to assist them.

The Business Impact

Due to their improperly configured FastPath environment, they were struggling to pass audit.

The most significant impact of the organization's improperly configured FastPath instance was that it struggled to pass audits. Not only did this introduce potential financial implications, it also resulted in security risks due to the lack of security controls. From an ROI perspective, it meant that they were not achieving the full value from their investment in FastPath as they were not able to fully utilize the software within their production environment at the moment.

The Solution

The MajorKey team reviewed their business process and updated FastPath to successfully pass audit.

The client brought on MajorKey to update their FastPath implementation and bring them into compliance. The first step was sitting down with the client to understand exactly how their business processes had changed. Once we understood their specific situation, our team conducted an examination of their FastPath instance to identify gaps in their Seperation of Duties (SoD) controls.

We then created a roadmap for addressing this gaps and presented it to the client. Once approved, the MajorKey team implemented the updates, resulting in the client being able to successfully run SoD reports and pass audits.

The MajorKey Approach

Our unique approach gave our client the confidence they needed.

Our approach is encompassed by the following values:

  • Process-focused, not tool-focused. We are a vendor-agnostic provider. In other words, when working with clients we focus on business processes and outcomes rather than pushing a specific tool.
  • Structured project management. We rarely miss deadlines and always stay under budget.
  • Organizational change management. We dedicate significant time to helping the organization work through new policies and procedures associated with a migration. This includes end user training by roles and responsibilities, assistance with sponsorship adoption and roll out procedures, communication templates for deployment, and more.
  • Agile development style. Our developers seek client feedback early and often throughout the life of a project to ensure client satisfaction after deployment.
  • User acceptance training. We have a highly structured, clearly defined process for making sure the tool is driving value for the business users. This reduces post-live issues and encourages tool utilization after deployment.
  • Post-live and managed services. We provide 24x7 on-call support for the most critical issues that may arise following a deployment.
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