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Success Story

Supply chain company mitigates risk exposure and reduces process time by automating user non-starts instantly.

Services: Advisory, Managed Services
Solution: SailPoint IdentityIQ

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>$10 billion 

The Situation

Our client was experiencing difficulties around governing user non-starts.

Non-start: When a new employee receives a user account and access but never actually starts.

Our client is a Fortune 500 company, specializing in supply chain management services, and is a leading North American distributor of high-quality components, equipment, and materials.

The organization was experiencing significant inefficiencies around governing user non-starts. Due to the manual nature of their process, every non-start would take several days to complete.

The manager of the non-start would initiate the process by raising a ticket with the Workday team to rescind the account. They would then have to notify the Active Directory, Email, and Salesforce teams that the user's accounts would all need to be disabled.

The Business Impact

The longer it took to manually offboard the non-starts, the greater of a security threat the user's access posed.

The time involved in fully offboarding the non-starts across multiple teams created an increased security risk due to the non-start’s access still being enabled during that time.

The human element present given the manual nature of the process also resulted in a greater likelihood for mistakes in the process, which also opened the door to security risks.

Beyond the security risks created by their process, it was also a large waste of resources given the volume of back-and-forth communication that the process entailed.

The Solution

The MajorKey team used enhancements in SailPoint IIQ to automate the non-start process - reducing risk and wasted time.

MajorKey's managed services team worked with the client to fully automate the process workflow for governing non-starts utilizing enhancements within their SailPoint IdentityIQ platform.

Under the newly-automated process, the non-start's manager simply makes a request in Workday to rescind the account and automation takes care of the rest.

What once took days to get done is now completed instantly, saving resource time and effort and reducing the risk of potential mistakes and omissions present in the manual process.

The MajorKey Approach

Our unique approach gave our client the confidence they needed.

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Our approach is encompassed by the following values:

  • Process-focused, not tool-focused. We are a vendor-agnostic provider. In other words, when working with clients we focus on business processes and outcomes rather than pushing a specific tool.
  • Structured project management. We rarely miss deadlines and always stay under budget.
  • Organizational change management. We dedicate significant time to helping the organization work through new policies and procedures associated with a migration. This includes end user training by roles and responsibilities, assistance with sponsorship adoption and roll out procedures, communication templates for deployment, and more.
  • Agile development style. Our developers seek client feedback early and often throughout the life of a project to ensure client satisfaction after deployment.
  • User acceptance training. We have a highly structured, clearly defined process for making sure the tool is driving value for the business users. This reduces post-live issues and encourages tool utilization after deployment.
  • Post-live and managed services. We provide 24x7 on-call support for the most critical issues that may arise following a deployment.

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