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Fast food giant's trusted SailPoint partner for Managed Services

A global fast food giant needed dependable and knowledgeable management of its SailPoint application

The global company had deployed a SailPoint security application but needed dependable and knowledgeable management of the application for long-term success.

The company needed a trusted, flexible partner to manage the application and redefine and rebuild practices around the company’s needs and business, and turned to MajorKey, which earned that trust in previous work for the client.

In addition to the day-to-day management of SailPoint, MajorKey provided continued strategic guidance and advisory services to the client. The MajorKey team ensured that the application did not go stagnant and lose perception and utilization within the company, resulting in a wasted investment, by continually refining processes using our expertise in the field, and staying on top of emerging best industry practices to implement for the client.

MajorKey eliminated any concern about internal turnover that would leave the client without the expertise needed for day-to-day application management, while providing a continually evolving resource base that positioned the client as a leader when it comes to industry best practices. 

In Conclusion

Our client gained the ability to become more strategic with resources, shifting them from technical application support to business process.

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Our Success

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