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Netwrix identifies and protects sensitive data to reduce the risk of a breach and limit the impact of attacks.

Netwrix enables companies to reduce risk and strengthen security by providing solutions around identity management, data governance and classification, infrastructure, and privileged access.

The platform strengthens the security and compliance posture of organzations across the three primary attack vectors: data, identity and infrastructure.

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Key Netwrix Offerings

  • IAM Governance & Lifecycle Management
  • Privileged Access Management (On-premise & Cloud)
  • Group Lifecycle Management
  • GRC & Compliance Controls 
  • Perimeter Policy Enforcement
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Cloud Entitlement & Security Posture Management
  • Data Identification & Cataloging 
  • Data Classification & Ownership
  • Data Governance, Control, & Security
  • Privacy & Process

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