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According to Gartner®, 80% of IT organizations overspend on ITSM platform subscriptions by more than half.

More companies are leaving ServiceNow than ever. Discover the ServiceNow alternative built on Jira, for a fraction of the price.

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Are you paying too much for your ITSM solution?

ServiceNow's robust capabilities and customization are a viable solution for mature enteprises with seemingly endless budgets. 

But many of our clients are facing significant cost increases and deployment lag when adding new features to the platform.

That's why we've been busy helping our clients make the switch to Jira Service Management (JSM). The right fit for their ITSM maturity and budget - some saving over 50% when compared to their previous solution costs.

Get ITSM practices like request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management - starting at only $21/agent/month.

Choose JSM for all the features your team needs to deliver great service, at a fraction of the cost compared to ServiceNow.

Partner with MajorKey, the Atlassian ITSM partner of the year.

See what you can save

The Total Economic Impact™ of Atlassian for ITSM

Cost savings and business benefits report enabled by Jira Service Management


Reduction in ticket handling time due to improved collaboration and communication amongst teams


Increase in CSAT scores by improving the end-user experience and lowering ticket volume 


Deflection of tickets due to self-service functions available in the portal enabling users to easily find answers to their questions 

In this Forrester TEI report, clients that switched to JSM found $819K average savings over a 3-year period from retirement of traditional ITSM tools.

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Sports Manufacturer Client Success Story

Client Success

Brooks Running - full speed ahead after making the switch to Jira Service Management

Significant investments have been made into ServiceNow, but as budgets tighten, organizations are looking to continue automating their enterprise and finding that they are paying too much to expand the platform's features and it's license fees.

Find out how Brooks Running achieved company-wide digital transformation after dropping ServiceNow.

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Feature comparison:
Jira Service Management vs. ServiceNow

High return on investment 

Don’t overpay for features you don’t use. Jira Service Management offers competitive pricing for all the modern ITIL-practices you need, without the bloat.

Fast time to value with intuitive setup and implementation

Based on the G2 Crowd Service Desk Implementation Index Report, Jira Service Management takes an average of 1.2 months to go live compared to ServiceNow, which takes an average of 4.5 months. Teams can quickly spin up their own service desks, without the need for expensive consultants.

Connect Dev & IT on a unified platform

JSM is the only ITSM solution that breaks down the development and operations silos. By putting both teams on the Jira platform, speed incoming requests through to build and delivery.

Empower diverse teams with a flexible solution

Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional ITSM tools, Jira Service Management empowers any team - from dev to IT to HR - with adaptable processes that fit the way they work.

Transparent pricing model and renewals

Avoid the hassle of difficult negotiations and renewals. Jira Service Management offers a transparent pricing model, so you always know what to expect.

A modern work management platform 

Jira Service Management is built on Jira, the leading platform for tracking work across the enterprise at scale. Customers manage upwards of 5 million records of work in Jira. With visibility into work across development, IT operations, and business teams, make faster decisions with the right context at every step.


Our approach is encompassed by the following values:

Process-focused, not tool-focused
We are a vendor-agnostic provider. In other words, when working with clients we focus on business processes and outcomes rather than pushing a specific tool.

Structured project management
We rarely miss deadlines and always stay under budget.

Organizational change management
We dedicate significant time to helping the organization work through new policies and procedures associated with a migration. This includes end user training by roles and responsibilities, assistance with sponsorship adoption, and roll out procedures, communication templates for deployment, and more.

Agile development style
Our developers seek client feedback early and often throughout the life of a project to ensure client satisfaction after deployment.

User acceptance training
We have a highly structured, clearly defined process for making sure the tool is driving value for the business users. This reduces post-live issues and encourages tool utilization after deployment.

Post-live and managed services
We provide 24x7 on-call support for the most critical issues that may arise following a deployment.

Work with the experts that implemented JSM for Atlassian!

Our clients select MajorKey for our approach when evaluating and implementing ITSM platforms with an emphasis on ITIL compliance. MajorKey helps define a client's needs early and focuses on their processes before recommending a solution. 

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Learn more about how to make the switch to JSM today! 

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