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Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Enhance both your employee and customer experiences with ESM solutions that transform how your lines of business collaborate and create together.

Customers now expect businesses to serve them more quickly — and conveniently — every day. Enterprise Service Management (ESM) helps enterprises to accelerate their services to keep up with these expectations.

Line of business leaders need to automate processes to free their team up to focus on outcomes.

Process owners need to own and develop their processes without relying on IT.

And the whole enterprise needs to unite around a shared, user-friendly approach to delivering services.

By enabling lines of business to easily deliver services to each other, ESM promotes cross-enterprise collaboration and helps enterprises deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Digitize work processes without IT's help.

ESM empowers even your least code-savvy process owners to build apps – in low/no code environments with drag-and-drop interfaces, templates and automated testing – that convert their work processes into digital workflows.

They can then continuously iterate and develop their workflows – without having to wait for IT to intervene. That’s great news for IT, too.

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How to build a bulletproof change management process with ITIL compliance

If you're looking to improve your current change management process or want to know whether it aligns with ITIL best practices, this webinar is for you.

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Automate, organize, and optimize your processes.

Digital workflows make work processes easy to automate, organize, prioritize, schedule, track and optimize. And that makes for efficient, ever-improving service delivery – and more time freed up to work on the really important things.

And standardize every line of business 

It With ESM, you can easily codify and replicate the way your best people work so that everybody is working in the same optimal way. It also simplifies requesting services from other lines of business, smoothing the path to collaboration and service delivery for your customers

Why work with MajorKey?

We’ve worked with hundreds of enterprises to plan, design and implement new ways of working that align the goals of every line of business. We know that ESM helps bring the enterprise together.

But enterprises need more than ESM to truly work together as one agile unit. They need to implement an enterprise-wide operating system consisting of both technology and strategy to truly harmonize the enterprise.

We call this system Enterprise Ops. It might be exactly what your business really needs.

See EntOps

Why work with MajorKey?

We’ve worked with hundreds of enterprises to plan, design and implement new ways of working that align the goals of every line of business.

In our experience, ESM is a central piece of the operating system modern enterprises need to start working together as one agile unit.

We call this system Enterprise Ops. Find out if it’s what your business really needs.

Discover Enterprise Ops

We can help you start your journey towards ESM

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IT Service Management (ITSM)

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Our Success

Jewelry giant's customer service course correction

Our long-time client is a leading U.S. jeweler with more than 1,500 retail stores. They sought an upgrade to their current system to support five nationwide support centers, used by over 1,000 agents and 80 administrative and supervisory users.

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American Specialty Jewelry Company

MajorKey learned that the client was using an ITSM solution that couldn't meet a handful of needs to support their employees and customers.

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