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Agile Development

MajorKey’s SAFe Service Offerings

Lean Portfolio Management

Align agile development with your business strategy by driving value to customers through innovation in product and solution development.

Executive Leadership

Our program teaches the skills needed to lead a Lean-Agile enterprise initiative, leveraging the SAFe framework and its foundational principles.

Agile Transformation

A customized transformation program designed to increase customer satisfaction, achieve faster time-to-market and improve employee job satisfaction and productivity.

Scrum Master Training

Eliminate the sign-up and log-in issues that drive customers into the arms of your competitors, and deliver the digital experience they expect—frictionless, personalized and powerful—without compromising security one bit.

Advisory Services

Our SAFe advisory services are designed to help you start with Agile, scale your current implementation, or improve your practices.

“Train The Trainer”

Develop in-house capabilities to mature and sustain your agile journey.

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