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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s most widely adopted cloud platforms. It supports thousands of businesses and public sector organizations, providing infrastructure and emerging technologies that help customers reduce cost, become more agile and innovate faster.

MajorKey is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, a Public Sector Partner, and is part of the AWS ISV Workload Migration and Solution Provider Programs.

Our status as a consulting partner recognizes our experience in helping customers design, build and manage workloads on AWS, accelerating their ability to leverage the full power of AWS tools and resources.

As a Public Sector Partner, we support local, state and federal customers in delivering their mission. We help provide rapid cloud provisioning and scaling, improved productivity and new innovation. We are also experienced at providing other software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS as part of the ISV Partner Path.

From migration to governance, the cloud services we provide help our customers maintain firm control over their cloud environments as they grow, enabling them to exploit the cloud’s vast potential to reduce cost, drive innovation and accelerate transformation.

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