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MajorKey Technologies I  July 13, 2022  I  7 min read

The 5 Benefits of Buying Jira and Confluence from a Partner Instead of Directly from Atlassian

The 5 Benefits of Buying Jira and Confluence from a Partner Instead of Directly from Atlassian

Going through a certified Atlassian Partner for your Jira and Confluence licensing purchase, instead of directly from Atlassian, offers several benefits to your organizations. And, Atlassian encourages you to do so.

Here are five benefits of working with a certified Atlassian partner:

1. Discounts on Licensing

Buying your Atlassian licenses through a Partner gives you discounts that aren’t available when buying direct. Atlassian provides special pricing to Atlassian Partners like MajorKey who then pass those savings on to you. Instead of paying monthly fees to Atlassian, Partners can provide custom payment plans like quarterly billing for the standard, premium, or enterprise license. And, best yet, you don’t have to pay with a credit card.

2. Expertly Tailored Solutions and Ease of Deployment

Since its inception, Atlassian’s business model has been based on self-service—the idea that customers can set up and manage their own deployments. But most organizations have levels of complexity that make setup and deployment a longer process that can take your team away from other business-critical and urgent tasks for extended periods of time.

That’s where Atlassian Solution Partners come in. They are certified Atlassian advisors, consultants, trainers and thought leaders, whose value goes far beyond product expertise. Solution Partners provide consulting and advisory services, sales, implementation and technical services, as well as managed services, to deliver customer solutions on Atlassian products.

There are Silver, Gold and Platinum Solution Partners. MajorKey is proud to be a Platinum Solution Partner at the Enterprise level, meaning we ​​meet Atlassian’s highest training criteria and have a proven practice that can scale from small to large customers.

From requirement analysis to installation, configuration and testing, MajorKey has thousands of hours of experience designing and leading Atlassian implementations for commercial and enterprise clients across their full product suite.

3. Long-Term Planning for Growth

It’s one thing to decide if your organization needs a tool to manage issues tracking, IT service management, or create a unified workspace for team members. It’s another thing to deploy a new tool with a clear, long-term strategy on how it will increase efficiency and grow with your company—instead of creating another inefficient bureaucratic hurdle for team members to overcome.

A Partner with a dedicated team of Atlassian specialists can help organizations secure a stronger return on their investment by ensuring that your deployment will seamlessly integrate into your workflows and other business applications. With a proper strategy in place before deployment, your organization will become more efficient, cost-effective and successful.

Then after deployment, continued Partner support will enable adding new functionality to your toolset. That goes beyond the Atlassian Marketplace — a dedicated Partner with onshore and nearshore developers, like MajorKey, can build custom applications that extend the benefits of your Atlassian solutions as your strategy and objectives evolve.

4. Highest Security Standards

Deploying a new tool can sometimes be handled in-house but managing an organization with multiple digital entry points in the age of interconnectivity means accounting for every potential vulnerability. Otherwise, your organization is susceptible to hacks, ransomware, and other malicious actions that put your data and network at risk.

When you have a Partner managing your deployment, you can be assured that the pre-deployment strategy will account for those vulnerabilities and put in place the necessary security standards to protect your data and network. MajorKey has more than a decade of experience in creating security frameworks that protect your data and maintain compliance with any regulations applicable to your organization, without impeding productivity.

5. Managed Services and Software Updates

You’ve deployed your Atlassian toolkit and it’s proving to be a great addition to your workflow, helping your team deliver efficiently and consistently. Yet you still have a smaller IT team, and you need them to focus on business-critical tasks instead of maintenance of your Atlassian tools.

A certified Partner can take those maintenance tasks off your IT team’s plate with managed services. Whether you need help for your existing IT support team or want to outsource entirely, a Partner can give you the peace of mind to let your internal IT resources focus on growing your business.

MajorKey has more than a decade of Managed Services experience, keeping our clients’ environments stable and apps optimal. And as your organization grows, our Managed Services team is there to help develop, upgrade and enhance your applications to ensure that you’re unlocking the full value of your investment, and that your Atlassian toolkit grows with you.

What We’ve Learned as a Partner

If you're evaluating Atlassian solutions or competing projects, we’d love to chat, because there are some key questions you should have answered by your Partner before you purchase a license.

For example, which tool will you use to migrate to the cloud? There’s more than one option and depending on the Atlassian product you’re exploring and how you'll use the cloud, one option will make the most sense for you. Which Atlassian Marketplace apps and integrations will you be using? What security and compliance rules does your organization require? Which license and version of Jira or Confluence do you need?

All these questions need to be answered before you purchase a license or migrate to Atlassian Cloud. Without this pre-purchase planning, your organization runs the risk of surprises and roadblocks, especially on your go-live dates. That’s why MajorKey performs a free, pre-sale assessment before a scope of work is signed, so that our clients know exactly what they’re purchasing both from us and from Atlassian.

Whomever your Atlassian Partner is (and we hope it’s us) should help walk through these questions before selling you anything, so that you can set proper expectations for your users and have full transparency and understanding of what you’re purchasing. MajorKey is here to help you gain that insight and capture the best return on your Atlassian investment.

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