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Andrew Baumann I  August 25, 2022  I  5 min read

5 Ways ITSM Can Improve Your Business with Atlassian Jira Service Management

5 Ways ITSM Can Improve Your Business

IT Service Management raises your organization’s game across all departments: elevating the service experience for customers, freeing your agents to get busy innovating, and bringing your teams together to collaborate in an agile approach.

There are several ITSM platforms available, all with their own benefits depending on your organization’s needs and approach. MajorKey Technologies recommends Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) for its cost-effectiveness, ease of use and robust features.

TechTarget reported that IT pros increasingly swayed to Jira Service Management and cited cost savings over larger vendors’ products, ease of use, and service management flexibility as the reasons for adopting or migrating. Atlassian was the only vendor to earn the “visionary” designation in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant, and JSM outranked ServiceNow and other competitors in strategic vision according to Forrester Research’s ITSM Wave reports.

Here are 5 ways that Jira Service Management can improve your business:

1. Up to 75 times more cost-effective than legacy systems

Legacy tools can become budget busters due to maintenance and upgrade costs. Not so with JSM. Atlassian automates servers, storage, and maintenance for you, eliminating associated costs. Organizations get immediate access to new features and automatic upgrades. And JSM grows with you, providing elastic scaling as needed through AWS cloud hosting.

JSM’s simple upfront pricing model eliminates difficult negotiations and months-long renewals. Atlassian offers a free plan for three agents, a standard plan that costs $20 per agent, per month, and a premium plan at $45 per agent, per month.

A Forrester Consulting report found that organizations that deployed Jira Service Management experienced benefits of more than $4 million over three years, achieving a return on investment (ROI) of 246%. Included in those benefits were a 61% increase in service agent productivity and more than $800,000 in savings from retiring legacy ITSM tools.

2. Fast Launch and Easy Implementation

Add value faster while maintaining a powerful workflow engine. JSM only takes about six weeks to launch and go live for all your organization’s teams, according to the G2Crowd IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools Implementation Index.

In comparison to another leading ITSM platform, ServiceNow takes at least five months to go live, and can take up to a year to fully implement, depending on your organization’s size, your infrastructure’s complexity, and the number of teams that will be using it. JSM’s simple interface, on the other hand, includes no code and ready-to-use templates so that your team can hit the ground running after launch.The G2Crowd Index gave JSM an implementation score of 83%, compared to ServiceNow’s 72% score. The average implementation score across all tools in the index was 75%.

3. One Agile DevOps Platform for All Your Teams

According to Gartner, “through 2023, 80% of ITSM teams that have not adopted an agile approach will find their ITSM practices are ignored or bypassed as a result of more agile ways of work being adopted elsewhere in the organization.”

Enter JSM as a harmonious, single platform for each of your department teams, including ITSM, DevOps, Customer Support and Human Resources. Practices inspired by Agile and DevOps are built out-of-the-box, including request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management.

Because JSM is based on Jira Software—the number one tool for agile teams that many organizations already use for software development tickets—it’s also the easiest way to achieve true DevOps collaboration between IT and development teams.

JSM’s core features include patch management, remote access control and maintenance scheduling. It allows for onboarding, off-boarding and change requests for staff, and includes templates for facility, legal, and customer management used to initiate tickets. Other ITSM solutions require third-party system integrations to facilitate many of these features, and don’t have built-in templates for non-IT departments.

Finally, JSM easily integrates with Atlassian’s Confluence for an integrated Knowledge Base. If you opt for JSM Cloud, Atlassian’s alerting and incident response tool - Opsgenie and Insight Asset Management are included in your license.

4. Simplified Customer Portal

JSM allows you to implement a simple and intuitive ticketing portal where customers can get straight to what they care about most: the progress of their service requests.

Meanwhile your customer service agents can efficiently process tickets and resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily. Templated problem management workflows allow your team to provide updates and contextual information to tickets, while customizable visibility ensures only appropriate parties can view that information.

Easy integration with Confluence also lets you provide helpful FAQs and documents to customers and your service team to facilitate faster resolution and better overall request management.

5. 99 Percent Uptime SLA and Enterprise Capabilities

JSM’s Premium and Enterprise licenses both offer uptime service-level agreements of 99.5 percent. They also offer:

  • Unlimited storage
  • 24/7 support
  • Global and multi-project automation
  • Asset and service configuration management
  • Sandboxing
  • Advanced incident and problem management
  • Service and infrastructure health analysis
  • Deployment gating for CI/CD tools

Getting started with Jira Service Management

MajorKey offers three different ITSM Service Bundles to simplify your JSM deployment, making it quick and easy to get the right environment up and running with the configurations and integration your organization needs.

Work with the same team that helped Atlassian deploy their own JSM for them. MajorKey is Atlassian’s ITSM Partner of the Year in 2021 and was named the first accredited Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM in the United States. Learn more to find out how you can empower your teams and technology to work in harmony.

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