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Gartner® Report | December 2021  I  10 min read

Gartner® Report

What are Practical Projects for Implementing Zero Trust?

This Gartner report offers two primary areas to focus on when beginning to implement zero trust: user-to-application segmentation (zero trust network access) and workload-to-workload segmentation (identity-based segmentation).

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Gartner® Report  |  December 2021  |  10 min read

What are Practical Projects for Implementing Zero Trust?

Download the complementary research by Gartner to understand "the two primary projects that organizations should focus on when looking to implement zero trust."

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Build a cloud home for your enterprise

MajorKey |  August 2021 

Building a Powerful Framework with AWS Control Tower, Security Hub and Config for AWS Environments

Smart security automation built on a strong foundation in AWS.

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Building a Powerful Framework

The combination of AWS Control Tower, AWS Config and AWS Security Hub is a powerful framework around which to build a cloud “home” for your enterprise, and benefit from the flexibility, accessibility and scalability of the cloud.

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