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Jewelry giants customer service course correction.

A large American jeweler with over 1,500 retail stores needed a better way to handle overall customer care, orders, and the point-of-sale experience.

Our long-time client is a leading U.S. jeweler with more than 1,500 retail stores. They sought an upgrade to their current system to support five nationwide support centers, used by over 1,000 agents and 80 administrative and supervisory users.

In the discovery and consultation phase of the engagement, MajorKey learned that the client was using an IT service management (ITSM) system to handle customer care, credit authorizations, recovery and warranty support, special orders and point-of-sale. However, an ITSM application could not match the needs of this business workflow and there were no off-the-shelf applications that would match the business needs without costly customization.

MajorKey developed a custom enterprise service management (ESM) application for the client after carefully analyzing the business’ processes and needs.

In Conclusion

With a new, customized application tailored to match the client’s existing processes, the client experienced improved, streamlined customer service that met the exact needs of each of its five nationwide support centers. The MajorKey team’s consultation and application development resulted in better overall experience for both the client’s external customers and internal team members alike.

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Our Success

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