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Our success

Global broadcaster – delivering agility, efficiency and quality in DevOps

Our client, a global entertainment group, was building its streaming service to bring world-class content to millions of people on-demand.

Their ambition to deliver everything everywhere and maintain their brand integrity puts technology at the heart of the enterprise. That involves their software development teams working smarter in every sense - finding better and more efficient ways to collaborate and accelerate their output.

That’s where an effective DevOps practice makes all difference, leveraging software and tools that shorten the distance between concept and execution. But our client was hampered by different practitioners using multiple products and licences, leading to poor resource efficiency and missed opportunities for sharing best practice.

Delivering major advances in DevOps practices is a sweet spot for MajorKey, combining our deep understanding of the technology with our knowledge and experience of working with complex organizations.

Our solution called for radical simplicity, streamlining ten licences into one and enhancing the teams’ capacity to work with Confluence collaboration software and the Jira workflow management program. Embedding these Atlassian DevOps tools helps our client’s mission-critical IT professionals to plan better and work better – defining requirements and managing workflows smartly and smoothly.

In Conclusion

As a result, our client has reduced their software licencing costs by 25% and the IT teams feel more empowered and connected.



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Our Success

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