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Our success

Launch of trading platform for digital securities with Hyperledger on AWS

A fintech startup and registered broker dealer sought to launch a secondary market alternative trading system (ATS) for digital securities.

An early stage fintech company and registered broker dealer creating a trading platform for digital assets asked MajorKey to become their primary IT vendor and integrate a wide range of payment services and transfer agents.

The company needed to connect many payments and transfer/custody providers while minimizing rework for every new connection. Scalability is fundamental because demand for a digital asset can experience fast growth at any moment. A UX redesign was also required to take the first platform version to an upgraded, more appealing, and usable state for users.

MajorKey provided a multi-disciplinary team of fintech experts, DevOps specialists, developers, automation testers, and front-end designers to create a microservices-based architecture that connects various system components hosted in the AWS cloud.

MajorKey helped set up a trading system entirely on AWS Cloud, utilizing state-of-the-art technology including microservices and Hyperledger. MajorKey also helped the company streamline their development cycle with CI/CD tools and manage their infrastructure with an infrastructure-as-code approach. 

In Conclusion

Consolidating all services under MajorKey has allowed efficiencies across connected payment centrals, client onboarding providers and transfer agents, while a team of fewer than 10 people handle all IT requirements and execution.

Cloud Adoption


Cloud Adoption

Our Success

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